The meaning of color in graphic design

The Meaning of Color in Graphic Design

Many studies show that products are rated 90% relating to colors. Moreover, you may not be aware that we all feel the world through colors, specifically in our routine.
Let’s discover the magic of color through the meaning of the 9 most common colors below. We hope you will get fantastic creations which are beyond the norm.


How to make a Mockup in Photoshop

Designers and those who are involved in the field of design are constantly looking for resources to present their works for clients. They desire to avoid showing their work in a boring way and they wish to use new resources to make their production more realistic. We call those resources “Mockups” and on this occasion, we will make a real mockup of business cards on an A4 paper. So let’s get started.

Color Scheme

Color Scheme and Color Management Tips

When designing a website, you may encounter some unexpected problems, and one of them is the color. Understanding of how to choose colors and identifying how colors can be displayed on different types of computers are the first steps to ensure your website will look like what you expected it to be.